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FlexBook is a leap forward in online appointment scheduling — giving patients the convenience they want and practices the precise schedule control they need.

Fast & Mobile Booking

In today's crowed dental marketplace, offering a simple and convenient way to book online helps your practice standout. FlexBook is a first-of-its kind platform that is built for mobile devices, making scheduling so easy, anyone can do it.

Myth: Patients that book online are more likely to not show up vs. a patient who calls to schedule.  

 Online bookers have virtually the same broken appointment rate as those who schedule in-office or by phone.

SmartFill Technology

FlexBook's human-style scheduling adapts to fill your appointment book efficiently -- just like if they called your office. Patients are more likely to fill in a schedule gap or an open spot directly next to another appointment already on the books.

FlexBook is also the only platform to let you account for assistant and provider time, even across a group of operatories -- perfect for assisted hygiene or ensuring a doctor's availability to see a same-day emergency appointment, even when they work out of multiple operatories.

Real-Time Integration

Relax knowing you're always in control of your schedule with real-time availability pulled straight from your Open Dental. FlexBook allows you to pinpoint your availability overall, then by specific provider, appointment type and even operatory.

FlexBook is also the first platform to offer Block Scheduling, allowing you to pinpoint the spots where only certain appointment types can be booked.

All patient data, including any answers to questions you choose to ask, is then transmitted instantly to your appointment book.

Flex Nudge

FlexBook's proprietary scheduling algorithm allows you to "weigh" your appointment times so the patient sees appointment slots that you want them to first, just like your team does when a patient calls to schedule.

Once a patient provides their availability, FlexBook uses your specific schedule preferences to pull open appointment slots, instantly providing day and time options that are ideal for both parties.

Your Brand. Front & Center.

FlexBook's look and feel customization options bring your brand and voice to forefront. Welcome new patients and showcase your practice without any other distractions.

And once they're booked, Flex sends them an appointment confirmation and, if applicable, new patient forms automatically -- boosting engagement with a high-touch onboarding experience ahead of their appointment.

Fast Fact: Offices that offer online scheduling have more than 40% of new patients find them through this channel.


No complex packages, install fees or promo codes needed — our pricing will always be straightforward and hassle-free. Now if only the same could be said of dental insurance.

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