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Elegant Treatment Planning

Simply save a treatment plan in Open Dental and it's instantly available to show your patients in Flex. Choose to display a breakdown by appointment and see detailed insurance coverage information, or keep things in a clean, summarized view.

Custom Payment Options
Help your patients manage treatment costs by including customizable payment options that are adjustable on the fly — a feature exclusive to Flex. Your preconfigured options can also be set display selectively based on simple rules like minimum dollar value, insurance status, or even specific code exclusions.  

Seamless Integration
With the click of a button, their payment choice will automatically update the treatment plan. Once finished, that specific plan will be marked as signed in your practice management software and automatically stored as a PDF in the images folder of your choice.


Have a patient pay directly from a treatment plan, a tablet, or from a patient-specific statement that you can securely text or email — no online portal or special logins required.

Once a payment is made, all transaction details are immediately posted to the patient's account, which even includes the individual procedure allocations -- another Flex exclusive.



Say hello to truly
smart scheduling.

Give your patients the convenience they want with the most intelligent and customizable real-time booking platform available anywhere.

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Smart Web Forms

Get patients in the chair quickly with our smart based forms that are a snap to fill out and fully integrate back into Open Dental without even a single click.

They're also easy to customize and update dynamically in response to patient inputs — patient age, gender, insurance status, current health status, marital status, and current medications are taken into account to streamline which questions are presented.

Forms are even automatically emailed when new patients are created, but can just as easily be texted or completed in-office on your choice of tablet.

Need to update the medical histories of your existing patients? Flex can send those forms pre-filled with existing information ahead of their next appointment.

Remind, Recall, Relax.

Our automated patient communications are a breeze to edit and configure — you're in full control of the message and the timing. Just pick what and when you'd like to have sent and we'll take it from there. Here are a handful of examples of what Flex can do for you, automatically:

- Send fully customized confirmation texts that auto update your PMS
- Give your new patients a warm welcome via email + link to complete forms
- Recall overdue patients (and even let them schedule instantly w/FlexSchedule)
- Gently nudge if planned treatment remains unscheduled
- Help remind those that need to pre-medicate before an appointment
- Send fun birthday greetings with images, videos, GIFs and more

Flex Fact: Flex makes it easy to attach a COVID-19 screening form to any automated text or email appointment reminder.

FlexBlast Emails

Our customizable mass email platform makes light work out of sharing important information across your patient base. No need to be a tech wiz, either, anyone can edit text, change colors, or add images, video and more using a simple drag-and-drop interface. Use a template or build from scratch, the choice is yours.

Once your message is set, configure Flex's patient filters to create your audience. Specifically target the right patients for the message by creating a group based on insurance status, completed treatment codes, upcoming appointment, treatment planned procedures and many other key data points.

Popular Phone Integrations

Perfectly pair your existing VoIP service with Flex at no extra cost. While entirely optional, offices that use Mango Voice or RingCentral get access to a few handy tools that help keep front office life organized.

Key patient info can be configured to popup automatically when a call comes in. Stuck on hold with Delta and miss the call? Mango customers can have a text automatically sent to the caller to let them know you'll be in touch with them ASAP.

Flex will even capture call details like duration and inbound or outbound status and instantly place them into the patient's communications log.

Two-Way Text Messaging

Stay in touch with patients with Flex's full two-way SMS capabilities that includes inbound picture messages at no extra cost. Manage it all from our clean and simple interface that will automatically display key information about the patient and any family members.

Tired of typing the same thing over and over? Set up one-click templates that fill in details like your patient's preferred name automatically.

Have trouble managing a busy text inbox? Flex helps you stay organized by pinning messages that need specific follow up and instantly recording every message in the patient's communications log.

Flex Fact: In most cases, Flex can use your office's main phone number to send your texts.

Flex Mobile

Our powerful mobile app (available on iOS & Android) lets you stay connected to your practice no matter where you are. Make real-time schedule updates, monitor for after-hours emergencies and reply from your office phone number — all with instant sync back to Open Dental. Highly configurable settings let you securely manage employee access, set push notification schedules, limit operatory views and more.

Instant Photo Capture

These days, keeping your office safe and healthy means eliminating as many physical contact points as possible. With Flex, turn any mobile device with a camera into the easiest scanner you've ever used.

Reduce paper clutter and keep patient files up-to-date with our built-in photo capture technology. Quickly snap new headshots, ID cards, EOBs, handwritten notes and more with just a touch of a button. The image instantly updates in Open Dental and is placed into the images folder you specify. Picture, perfect.

Intraoffice Messaging

May I have your attention please? Keep your whole office in sync with Flex's easy-to-use team chat and alerts platform. Create a custom message or use a template to alert everyone, a small group, or specific team member directly -- all with a single click.

Whether you are ready for a hygiene check in Op 1 or need an insurance estimate for a patient in consult, Flex makes sure your message gets noticed fast.

Integrated Discount Plans

Take the complexity of manually tracking your in-office discount or membership plan. Flex seamlessly integrates with your Open Dental discount plans and lets you showcase your membership benefits from a tablet anywhere in the office.

When your custom enrollment form is completed, the signed copy is automatically saved with the patient’s image files. Flex then adds the discount plan to the family module and records the patient's specific plan expiration date right next to their other basic info.

Boost Patient Reviews

Increasing your patient review count couldn't be easier with Flex's intelligent tools. Use our fine-grain controls to power a fully automated approach or simply push our requests whenever you'd like -- it's entirely up to you.

Your customized message includes a direct link your practice's Google, Facebook, and/or Yelp pages where patients can spread the word about their experience in your office. Flex even tracks how many requests you've sent and lets you opt any patient out of the process to safeguard against over communication.


No complex packages, install fees or promo codes needed — our pricing will always be straightforward and hassle-free. Now if only the same could be said of dental insurance.

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Give patients the convenience they want with the most intelligent & customizable online scheduling platform you'll find anywhere. Real-time, real value.

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Transform your practice with the #1 all-in-one solution built for Open Dental. Except for FlexSchedule, Flex includes our full lineup of powerful tools.

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1. Sign Up
For Flex
Takes less than 5 minutes -
1 subscription per location
Schedule Your Install
2. Install
No downtime for your office - we just need 30 minutes to 1 hour on your server and Flex is installed!
Schedule Your Training & Get Familiar with Flex
3. Training
Build your staff into a team of Flex-perts with our 90-minute, live remote training session! *FlexSchedule and FlexPay each include an additional 30 minute training scheduled separately.
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Optional Integrations:

Phone integration with Mango or RingCentral

Once your Mango or RingCentral phones are up and running, just give our support team a call and we’ll get them integrated in no time.


FlexSchedule is so dynamic, we’ll spend time specifically covering it and helping you, step-by-step, to dial it in exactly like you want.


Once you receive your terminal, you can pick a training time with our team to learn all about the new features you have access to at no additional charge.

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